Tuesday, February 07, 2006


There are never enough things for me to learn how to do. Magic, sleight of hand, throwing skills, playing instruments, new sports, dances, whatever, I'll learn almost anything if it is useful. I have an agent who travels the world looking for new things to learn. Budgie, that's what he likes to be called, goes off to those undeveloped parts of the world, untouched by uniformity to find the mystics and contortionists, and dudes who have dedicated their life to performing weird tasks.

I plan to go over there and learn that stuff in a matter of seconds.

Budgie has recently contacted me to a guy in India, a yoga master, who can reverse the sensations his body feels. This means, pain becomes pleasure, hunger becomes fulfillment, discomfort becomes comfort. Since I often get shot and stabbed at, such a training of the senses could be extremely useful.

He has also heard of the existence of a Chinese Zen master living in the forests who has mastered the ability to control the stream of air from his mouth, almost to the point where it looks like limited telekinesis. While perfecting my blowing technique sounds strange, it could always be handy.

The catch sometimes in doing this is that the person was unknowingly a mutant, and his skills can't be learned. Other times they are not, and the trip will definetly be worth it. We'll see.
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